The past few months I've been trying really hard to suppress my feelings but I really can't anymore. So here it is, I'm very very very lonely and bored. I'm still a teenager and its been a year since I've dated anyone. All my friends are in a relationship and are really happy and totally oblivious to me. Its been making me feel left out and lonely and I don't know I just basically feel worthless most of the time. I've been crying myself to sleep and I don't even know why! I know that I should really let it go and try and enjoy my life but these feelings just aernt going away anytime soon. And to top it off I feel like my best friend and I are totally drifting apart because she's dating my brother and all she wants to do is hang out with him but I really DO NOT want to hang out with my brother and his girlfriend! I try to shut myself out and just study or whatever but my mind is constantly distracted. I Don't KNOW WHAT THE HELL I AM SUPPOSED TO DO! So if anyone can help me figure this and these feelings out please help!