Okay so me and this guy has been talking for 8 months now and I can't seem to understand him... at all! He says he likes me and cares about me but never shows it besides when he comes to see me. And even when he does come to see me, we barely even talk! Its like we just sit there very awkwardly.. I hate it!

He asks me all the time why I don't tell him how I feel, which I thought sending him up to 10 page text about how I feel about my parents and other friends or life in general was telling him my feelings.. And when I send him all that he'll just say "oh" or "lol" as if he's laughing at me.

I feel like he couldn't care less about me! Sometimes he just won't even text back when I tell him how I feel.. then complain I don't tell him enough. He's driving me crazy! He gets mad way too easily, for instance last night my insecurities over came me and I asked him if he would ever lie to me, after a while he finally said no so I asked if he was sure.. so he automatically jumps on my case and asks what's going on?

He's been acting so strange lately so I finally said "what is going on Tyler?"(his name). So he just replied "umm going ok bye" and that's all. He also won't talk about his problems with his mom because he says it'll make her look bad.

Am I missing something here? Did something scar him in life to make him so reserved and careless? Am I losing it like I feel? Or is there something truly wrong with my boy? PLEASE HELP!!