I'm 15 and I spent the night at my best friends house last night.she is my all time best friend because she's always there to help me and listen to me.well as it got later I had a really bad anxiety attack and started crying,so she hugged me,then when I was okay again,we laid down to got to sleep.then I said"let me have one more hug before we go to sleep" because hugs make me feel better.but when we hugged,we didn't stop,we laid down and hugged each other close and tight from about 2:30 in the morning to 6:30 in the morning.at which time we changed our position where our head were very close.we laid there for a while(we hadn't fallen asleep,we were awake all night),but I had drifted off for about a minute and I woke up to her saying,"michelle?" "hm?" "do you wanna?" and with out thinking I said yes and we swore it wouldn't ruin our friendship.so I we went for it and we kissed for about 45 sec. then stopped and went for it again forabout a minute.then we said it didn't feel wrong,it actually felt really good.but we're still just best friends because were not gay.and then about an hour later were in her closet I guess"making out"for the third time.and we are actually probably going to do it again sometime because,well,it is fun.
So is it okay to kiss your best friend when both of us are straight?? and is it bad that both of us enjoyed it very much??