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    Oct 20, 2005, 12:45 PM
    Kindergarten Friend
    My friend, Jake, he's been my friend since Kindergarten and we're close... Well, we've dated and we've broken up. We've neva stopped being friends. But, I'll get to the point...

    He told me he'll never go out with me again, and then we actually might "AGAIN"... we want to... but not right now, though.

    Recently, he told me he dreampt of me... N' yesterday, we were talking and he was like "When me n u have a baby...." you know.. n about 5 days ago, he came over and he kept his promise.. but he kissed me and he was like "One more, b4 my mom comes" but he only stayed for about 2 hrs.

    But, every time we've dated... this guy wanted me so... it bothered him and we broke up.. but we're honest with each other.. REALLY HONEST! Honest to God!

    But, he doesn't show he likes me in front of his friends... his family.. or even in school or anywhere only in front of me.. n I don't understand? Why, does he act like that?

    He calls me "Babe" he calls me "Hott" he calls me everyday for the past week or two and he says "He's bored" and he "Wants to come over more than he usually does... Why does he show it in front of me and not anyone else? What's wrong? Is it me? What's wrong here?

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    Oct 21, 2005, 06:07 AM
    What's wrong?
    Your friend sounds like he is looking for a "hotter" girl before he will admit to friends at school that he likes someone!
    Seeing you "in private" could mean that he doesn't want to be seen with you in public. If someone told me that "I'm bored", "can I come over", would mean, to me, that this person has nothing better to do, and wants to see me as a last resort!
    I think your friend is taking you for granted, and using you. If you can do it, when he calls, just tell him "no, I'm busy", or make up some excuse. Don't let him come over, and don't see him for awhile. Meet some new people, and start getting interested in other boys.
    Give him a chance to make up his own mind what or who he wants. At this time, it doesn't sound like he wants you for a girlfriend. I'm not saying stop talking with him, just don't see him in private.

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