So me and my boyfriend have been dating for just about a year. I love him dearly and he says he loves me too. When we first started dating I caught him flirting with a girl on myspace calling her a "cutie" and what not. A week or so later one of his insane ex girlfriends started telling me that he told her he had no idea why he was dating me and that he's using me for practice for when he gets back with her. Now this girl in particular is known for being a compulsive liar, But hearing those things still hurt me inside. She continued to try and break us up but never actually did. He fought with me before about keeping a girl that he knew around because he felt that she was important. This girl didn't know boundaries and would call and text my boyfriend more than I did trying to get him to come hang out with her. It seems to me that I catch him looking at other girls a lot. That makes me feel so insecure it hurts. He's a wrestler now and I don't mind it but I do mind that his coaches allow the girls' track and soccer teams to "practice" with the wrestlers in little slutty clothes! I feel really jealous and insecure about all this and it seems to be hurting our relationship terribly! My boyfriend buys me anything I want, he loves me a lot, claims to be true to me, and people tell me he's a good honest guy but everything that has happened caused me to lose trust for him. How do I fix this for the better of our relationship??