I have a guy I've been talking to for almost a year in a few weeks and me and him have been through sooooo much and I don't know if he still cares anymore. :( we talk everyday when we wake up to go to school until we go to bed.. and we kind of have a relationship with "no strings attached" that's what we call it but I do have feelings for him I really love him he was my first love. . :D but yesterday we were doing great here he just broke up with his girlfriend a few days ago and I've been trying to find a guy but he is all I want and I think he knows it I do everything I can for him and he does the same... but I'm just to young for him he will be going to college and I'll be going to my junior year of high school... well what I'm trying to say is that last night he was tell me how much he wants me and how I'm amazing and the only one that he wants and then I find out he tried getting with his ex he known her for along time and I mean we're just talking but nothing will ever happen until I get older and can be with him... but I confronted him and he said yess that did happen but she turned him down.. well we got in a fight and tried turning it all on me about me being with other guys but he had a girlfriend then what am I suppose to do?? And said it doesn't matter about him asking her out. :mad: I don't know what to do at all does he really care?? Or just using me? Or am I a rebound for him I mean I asked but he said nooo HELP!!!!!:(