I'm sixteen, and in my first serious relationship with an eighteen year old. I mean, I had little relationships throughout middle school and my freshman and sophomore years, but nothing like this. He, however, had a girlfriend last year with whom he did everything. He brought her to family events, on vacations, and basically everything he does with me.
Before my current boyfriend, I was a virgin, and had done hardly anything with boys. He lost his virginity to his ex, and just thinking about it kills me.
I never thought I would love anyone this early in life, but I really am in love with this kid, and we both know that we want to be together for the rest of our lives. He says that he never really loved his ex, and he only told her he did once or twice. I don't get why he let her take his virginity if that's true. It kills me to think about this.
He always apologizes for it, and I know that he really means it, and that he truly regrets it, but it still bothers me. I can never get the image of them doing it out of my head. I'm constantly wondering if I'm ever going to be as good as her (even though he tells me I'm way better), or if he's ever going to want to go back to her because she was his first.
It also really bothers me because he was really good with his family and they loved her, and it makes me nervous to be around them because I want them to like me more than her.
I swear, it's going to be the death of me! I am truly in love with my boyfriend, but his past is getting in the way. I can only imagine how great our relationship would be if it weren't for that girl.