Well I'm a sophomore in high school and I just moved to a different school away from all of my old friends. I have a lot of new friends but not as many as I used to have and I don't really know that many people at my school. Well anyway some of the girls at my school just don't like me for some reason. Even people that I never even talked to, even people that I don't even know exist hate me for no reason. People tell me that their just jealous because almost all of the boys at school like me and bcus I'm pretty but I don't know how jealousy can make them say some of the things they say. Like theirs these twins at my school and sometimes when I walk by them in the hallway they say "ewww shes ugly" and sometimes girls say "oh i can't stand that girl" but I don't know why. And I'm in modeling school right now bcus as soon as I graduate I want to be a model and people say I walk like a model but I don't do it on purpose that's just how I walk and girls be talking about me because of that. Some girls even want to fight me and I know that if it was the right time and place they probably would. I just need some advice what I should do because its really starting to bother me and I'm kind of scared to go to school even though I know nothing will happen I just hate people talking about me and looking at me funny all the time it makes me feel kind of uncomfortable and self-concsious