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    Oct 29, 2006, 02:22 AM
    High School Crush Dillema
    Twice a week , Monday & Wednesday I wake up early in the morning to catch my bus to take me to College, I am not morning person, so this struggle makes it hard however, I am always eager to get to my bus not because I want to arrive early to my classes but to be able see my high school crush.

    Since my first year of High School I had this small crush on this Smart and beautiful girl. As the four years progressed I always had the thought of asking her out , yet when I would actually consider , I often came up with a pessimistic outcome and would eventually back off. I never had the courage to ask her in the High School environment , considering she joined the Cheer Squad as a Junior and eventually became Captain her Senior year. In high school I stood on the lowest part of the social ladder being labeled as a Geek from my peers, being honored with such distinguishable label didn't help me either it fueling my courage.

    However, now that I'am out of high school I wish to ask her this girl out, she takes the same bus as I do but gets out at a different stop. I've never had a real conversation , in a matter of fact Ive only uttered 5 words to her , which all happened to be "Yes, thats mine my name" and only happened due to her passing out papers and asking if the paper belong to me. I would appreciate if you can give me some advice to approaching her, I don't know if she is intersted in me, I often catch her glancing back when we are on the bus and turning right away when I notice her, but this might seem to broad to indicate any interest. Any suggestions? She doesn't have a boyfriend or I think she doesn't. She has turned down people asking her out which is the main reason I'am afraid to ask her out.
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    Oct 29, 2006, 03:25 AM
    Start a conversation with her. Even if starts with, "So the bus is crowded today," or "The rain just won't stop." See if she is responds favorably. Will she carry on a conversation with you? Do you have anything in common besides the bus route? Is she friendly throughout the conversation or annoyed or disinterested? I would do that for a little while, establish a friendly rapport with her if she's open. And then if you think she might be open, ask her if she wants to meet for coffee or tea. Something casual. And take it from there.

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