Okay, so I've been talking to this guy for quite some time now and he is always telling me that I'm beautiful and gorgeous, and that I'm perfect and he said I have a beautiful smile and all that other crap, and he hugs me everyday.. and I like him sooo much, but one day we were talking and he told me he really likes me alooot (his words--exactly) but he doesn't want a relationship.. so I like started asking him questions like, why he lead me on and stuff and he said its because he really likes me, and I was like yeah OK sure and just left it alone.. then like a week later he brought it up again he asked "why do you think i don't want a relationship?" and I said because he told me he didn't and he said yeah but why do you think I don't want a relationship? And I said I don't know, so he told me its because I'm too emotional?? Like the only time I ever got emotional with him was when he said he didn't want a relationship.. so is he just trying to say that he just doesn't like me, or what? Please let me know what you think, thank you!