Let me start from the beginning,, I first met my current boyfriend like a year ago, we went out for 2 mounths, we broke up because we live to far away to each other. Then were I am studying I met this guy "L.A." first time, I thought he was only cute, then when I got to know him a little, I thought he was discusting, because he smoke, A LOT!! he's was kind of like a slut, and he like's to drink, then I dicided to just ignore him, knowing that I had a little crush on him, I got together with he's best friend Frank, we were togerther for four mounths, but during the last two mounths I cheated on my boyfriend with him. Then when I broke up with Frank, me and "L.A." kept on hanging out a little. Then out of no where he stopped speaking to me and he got himself a girl. Now they aren't together anymore. Now after a lot of time I got back with my current boyfriend. But I'm still having feelings for "L.A.", I love my boyfrind a lot, but still that doesn't pervent my dreams about "L.A.", and neither my tears, and my heartbreak.

I now that it could be my fault. But he stills gives me that look, and I have never helt something sooo strong for a guy, never, even knowing that he doesn't have a future.

What should I do??