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    Apr 13, 2012, 03:17 AM
    Is this harsh?
    I sent this message to my friend
    I'm fed up Lucy.

    1) You treat me like dirt.
    2) You push me around... Literally sometimes.
    3) I feel like I have to be someone I'm not around you
    4) You don't consider me for things... Not recently anyway
    5) I put up with your anime obsession. I put up with your Kelsey obsession, and yet somehow you don't put up with my Hunger Games obsession? How does that work?
    6) You slap me.

    Hurl insults back (even though I didn't technically insult you just... ) all you want I don't give a damn. Right now I can't deal with people that treat me like dirt.
    Yeah I know I've done bad things... Like sometimes I don't reply to texts sometimes I hang out with Rosy & Megan more than you. But at least I don't go around slapping my friends, making them go wherever I want them to. Oh and what's the deal with that? You slap me all the time and sometimes there isn't a jumper in the way like you say, so when I finally start defending myself and slap you back it's the end of the world? That's not right Lucy.
    I know I'm a loner and being friends with you was possibly the only way people would like me, but I don't mind.
    I don't mind waiting till people actual accept I'm some sort of freak and not slap me when I steal a FREAKIN CHIP! I'm fine with it.I don't like writing speeches that long. Or deep or whatever the hell this thing isbut I felt I needed to say this.Giggle and laugh at me all you want.Set everybody against me at school.I don't mind. You'll show this to your real best friends and show then just what a loser I am. I'm fine with books it'l keep me going for a year.

    This is what she replied.

    Molly, if your looking for a fight, go somewhere else, because I'm not fighting. If you thought of me in that way, then you should have told me and I would have done something about it. I do put up with your hunger game obsession. Never once have I said 'Stop talking about it already' and if I have, then I was only joking or I was trying to talk about something serious. Molly, your popular on your own. You're a beautiful, smart, funny girl, and you'll go far in life. I'm a less intelligent pig with terrible manners, who thinks its okay to slap her friends because at her primary her friends slapped her and she slapped them right back. But you know what hurts? That you decided to tell me all that in a text instead of telling face to face. You know what hurts even more? That you think all that of me, and have for a very long time, and I thought of you as my best friend and I was proud to have you as my friends. So I won't tell everyone that your horrible. Ill tell them the truth.
    And if you was only my friend so that you could be popular, then that's a shame, because it takes a special kind of person to make me cry like you do.

    I replied with.

    I wasn't looking for a fight. I said so. I just needed to get that out. If I had told you face to face you would have laughed. You should know by now I'm a wimp I can't do anything right. Even my mother says so. You don't really... Actually I can't be bothered to go through everything I woke up this morning with my mother screaming at me telling me she hates me. I don't want to do this now. I'll text you later.
    I wasn't friends with you for popularity. I enjoyed it, I didn't mind the slaps it didn't phase me. But you started hanging out with Sophie and forgetting me a bit. Right when I needed you. My mum threatened to slap me this morning so... I can't deal with this.
    You aren't a pig with bad manners or whatever yoy said. Put it this way, you have a boyfriend, awesome friends who can take your jokes... Then there's me. Just there. I have books. That it. I can only read. I guess we're too different. I always felt like I wasn't funny enough to be your friend and I guess that's true.

    I know its long and you won't read all this but please what should I make of this? She made me feel bad when I didn't actually do anything. What do I do? Please help! Thanks.

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