There is this guy I like. I have only seen him around campus a few times. I asked people if they knew him and if so what info they can give me. So far I know his name and that he's a 19 year old freshman and he lives in my dorm building!

I have never had a boyfriend before. I always end up falling into the friend zone and the guys that wanted to date me I turn them down not because I wasn't attracted to them but for the fact that I'm still a bit insecure and IM 20!

My friends tell me to go and talk to this guy but Its not that easy, I don't know what to say!

The fact that I waited till I got to college to consider dating has really put me behind most girls. People don't even believe I'm still a virgin lol. I feel like I'm more "talk" then "action" which is true because when I get myself in an intimate situation with a guy my mind is all for it but my body pushes them away lol if that makes sense.

Anyway, I just want to know how I can get this guy to not only just notice me but to get him to like me as well. I would like to be more then friends with this guy WITHOUT falling into the "friend zone".

Any advice wold help. Just remember, I'm shy.. inexperienced, but OPEN-MINDED lol.