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    Feb 2, 2009, 05:35 AM
    Friendship is it over?
    :confused:Hey recently my friend moved away to college, she lives a few hours away now so I don't get to see her that much, to top it off we've ended up kissing a few times when we were drunk its happened a lot of times over a space of about 6months, started we just hugged a lot then she stayed at mine a few times before she moved and we ened up kissing a lot. It was never funny between us bcoz we just acted like it didn't happen. None of our friends no, we hang round in a fairly big group as well.
    Anyway a load of us went up to stay with her for the weekend. We got drunk and ened up kissing again, only this time the next day it was different between us she was pretty harsh to me all day and the next night we went out she wouldn't come anywere near me :| It weird, she's never had a problem before, last time we kissed when she came home for the weekend and we ened up passionatly kissing for ages, then once again we went back to "normal".

    We left the next day, still she wouldn't hardly talk to me, just had sligh digs at me all day. Normal she phones me and texts me a bit. But every time ave text her she blanked me we been home for a few weeks now and nothing. It's a bit like she woke up and decided she hates me or I have died. Its tearin me up ave tried talking to her, but nothing. I even text her telling her I no that were just friends and she said "dont worry put it in the past" and then never spoke to me! Truth is I miss her. I messed everything up and now ave lost her. Any thoughts on why she's been like this? Any thing I can do? :confused:
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    Feb 2, 2009, 06:23 AM

    Its hard to tell if she is upset because she doesn't want anything more to do with you because she maybe wants more than just friends or she is mad because she started feeling like you have been taking advantage of her when she is drunk or if it could simply be because the reality of the distance away at school started bothering her.
    Since she refuses to talk to you, can you maybe talk to a mutual friend that might be able to let her know that you really want to still be in her life and you were starting to care for her more than friends but are happy with just friends if that is all she wants.

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