I am 14 year old girl in the eighth grade my best friend I grew up with has not really talked to me all year. I am kind of upset because she is like my sister. I am a tomboy and I love to hunt and fish with my dad. My friend is a has turned into a girly girl about a year or two ago, but she rides horses and loves the being in the country with her grandparents. I use to go over there a lot and ride four the four weeler. We even go to the same church and all she says to me is hi or when we leave bye. I am scared she doesn't like me or she hates me.

When we were in the 6th grade on of my other friends knew me and my friend were kind of made at each other, but I can't remember why. Well she told my friend I didn't want to be here friend anymore. I got called to the office and my friend was crying saying that I said I didn't want to see her or be her friend anymore. I didn't get in trouble.

Please send me a message I have been upset about this for a while.