Heyy! I have this friend and we are best friends but I really don't know! Last year she got mad at me for no reason and she made up stuff about me and got all my friends against me! All of them but then we all worked it out and we were all friends again and me and her became best friends again. Everything is good! And now this week she has been getting mad me or no reason again! Like I forgot to wait for her is the hall way at school and so she got mad at me! And I'm like sorry I really had to go and she's like don't talk to me right now! K and stop begging! And ignoring me and she got really mean and then she told me sorry! And then everything was good! And then yesturday we were texted on our call phones and my phone was like not working and then so I could not text her back but then I got it working 2 hours later and she got mad at me because I didn't text her back right away! I tried to tell her but again she's like don't talk to me right now! k! And now she won't answer her phone! So she has being mean lately and I don't get it! She is acting so mean and I'm scared that she will bring all my friend against me!! I really don't want that to happen! What should I do?? Best friends don't act this way! Right? She has it pretty good at home but she is getting so mad! What is her problem? I'm always nice to her!! What would you do??