Well there are a couple of things...

1. what should I wear to the first day of school?

2. I'm just starting hs and ik a lot of people. But I've never gone to school w/ any of the kids going there. Some are nice and some are different. I like all the kids I know which is pretty much all the girls [i play sports w/ them] but I don't think I'm going to fit in w/ any of the groups that ik already and the ones I don't know I'm afraid will be like "the burn outs" and I want to hang out w/ nice cool people. The ones ik are either sporty. Sluty or super girly. Or like rock all black clothe people. Ik I'm being really really really judgemental but I donno its hard. [i don't have anything against people like this I just don't know if I'm going to fit in anywhere because I'm like all of them just not 100% anywhere] [the sporty ones are cool but not very nice] [girly ones are all right but there sooooo focused on boys and are kind of sluty] [the rock black clothes people are cool but I don't really like rock and I like pink and colors and not the rock type] OK once again ik I sound reallllllllly mean but I'm just scared. Its not like these people aren't nice and all but I don't think I'll fit in anywhere cause everyone already has there groups and I want to be friends w/ these people just it won't work if I'm friends w/ everyone. And I don't really want them as best friends. I donno its hard to explain. What do you suggest!?

3. I'm sort of on the bigger side. I don't want to get made fun off cause I want hs to be fun. Do you think I'll get made fun off a lot? Should I lose weight? I've tried losing but its really hard. I play sports and exercise a lot. But eat bad I guess cause I never lose. What should I do? And will people say things to me??