Lately I've been pushing people away and acting really mean but I don't even know why. Like to of my best guy friends devin and david, I have been really mean to them and just kind of secluding myself from them. David is really nice to me and I snap at him for no reason and devin complains about a lot of things that I do. He says that I changed a lot from last year and that he hates the new me. He says I do everything for attention when honestly half the time I just want to be left alone. But am I being mean because I feel like he's putting me down all the time or is it something else. And this has been going on for at least a month and a half. I don't tell anyone anything because I just feel like there going to put me down and devin says he hates and he doesn't care for me half the time because of the way I treat him same with david and I know that I brought all of this upon myself and that its all my fault that I'm losing them as friends but can someone tell me how I can get my life back on track and make things right again. Yes I tried talking to them and david says he forgives me but doesn't think I'm going to change and devin just doesn't want to hear it. He says that sorry doesn't cut it anymore... im just really sad lost and confused can someone give me some advice please! :( :( :confused: