Starting. My ex girlfriend and I have dated for over a year. We were doing really good until things started to get ugly. On Facebook, I eavesdropped on my ex's conversation with a friend saying she wants to be free and doesn't want a boyfriend anymore. That kind of made me sad and angry, and I talked to her about that situation, suggesting to go on a break. So, she contacted me 2 days later saying she saw my MYSPACE comments of me "flirting with a girl and accused me of cheating." She got really angry at me because I put "hearts and such on the comments". See, me and this girl were talking on MYSPACE weeks ago before any of this happened. She had to go to the dentist to get her wisdom teeth removed. I was feeling bad for her and I told her it'll be OK. So I send her hugs and hearts to make her feel better. What really pissed her was when I put, you deserve a kiss for being a brave little girl (Damn me!). But I was only joking. And me and this girl were really good friends longer before me and my ex ever went out. But what made my girlfriend suspicious is that this girl would always say hi or even hug me whenever I passed by her at school. Not just her, lots of girls would always hit on me or hug me and such which gave my girlfriend the wrong message.

After the breakup, I confronted my ex at Monday to explain everything to her. We had a long talk about how I was only joking about the kiss and how you wanted a break from me and blah blah.she cried and such. I asked her to give me a 2nd chance to explain. Later that night, she started texting me, I replied saying, "Why are you still texting me if you said it's over?" and she replied "None of your concern." So she basically stalked me that whole 3 or 2 days I think? We were fighting and I was trying my best to tell her I'm sorry and explaining the story.

So I returned back to school, I have her in two of my classes. She ignored me that whole day. All she asked for was the Game Boy my friend Christian promised her that day. He gave me the Game Boy to give to my ex since we had the same class. I gave it to her. 5 days later from today, she continued ignoring me. Her friend said to me that my ex doesn't want to hear anything about me anymore and such. I figure she was mad at me. She wouldn't even look at me.

So around Friday night, I sent my ex a love letter on how we met, how felt, and how I'm sad about the whole breakup. But her best friend told me that my ex laughed at the whole thing.

Then, she randomly talked to my friend online saying she miss him and my other friend. But it makes no sense, because she can see them everyday.

I really want to get her back.

Any suggestions/tips?