Hi. I know this doesnít seem like much but Iím seriously going insane! Well It all started when I got back to the school last year my "friend" chelo said how much of a great friend I was and I was like hehe:) then she started copying me, everything I said she would say after me and then she turned "emo" because I was well Iím more like grebo anyway it started to bug me but I got over it. Then she knew I liked this guy and then she was like "Ohh i like him to" "Oh he smiled at me" "oh he touched my back!" I was seriously like SHUT UP! And then because Iím ginger she died her hair ginger and said "Oh Iím going to get it long like yours". Then she said she was all anorexic and stuff because I have problems eating and I also have stomach problems; I will just like drop to the floor in pain and then guess what SHE HAS THEM TO! And also (It carries on) I have weird dreams and SUDDENLY she starts, I also wear a dog tag for a personal reason and now she has gone and bought one its seriously pissing me off! And I know all this seems stupid to get worked up over but its like she is stealing my identity! And Iíve got this b**** keeps telling my boyfriend the one I liked and so did chelo to stay away from me. You proberly donít understand why Iím so worked up and stuff but it is driving me insane and because Iím one of those people who just can't shout at there friends without crying I donít say anything I just let everyone push me about for what 13 years! :mad: :mad:

Then I have my friend tam like well, she told the guy I like I liked him right to his face and she told this guy that my friend Hannah liked him and the same with chelo but with this other guy. So on the way home Hannah shouted "TAMMY LIKES BEN!" and he wasnít even there and now she took it all personal I mean I know why she is upset but like she told the guys we likes we liked them but we just randomly shouted it out its not like we told him up in face like she did and anyway when she told our crushes we just laughed and got over it but she won't let it go! And now she Isnít friends with Hannah and Iím stuck in the frikkin middle!

Also I have sats coming up! :( I just need someone to give me some advice on what to do... and I think the only thing keeping me stuck down on earth is my friends: Andy, Kirsty, Alex, peter and Olivia but they are all in year 11 and Iím in year 9 apart from Olivia but Iím not in any of her classes apart from science so Iím forced to hang out with han, tam and chelo! Every day Iím slowly thinking more and more of just jumping into the cannel and drowning myself or just jumping of my roof or something. Also on top of all that all this isnít helping my eating problem and is just making it worse so I have my family shouting at me for not eating anything... please help!