my ex boyfriend and I have known each other since we were 8, and we live next door to each other and we spent most of our child hood going out, as we got older we became so close we were practically in each others pockets. A about 8 months a go after him repeatingly asking me to be his girlfriend I though I would give it ago, but things didn't go to well especially wiv his family so I decided to end it. A couple of weeks later I find out that he has a new girlfriend like after a month of our split. They have now been together for 7 months and she was recently living with him because she was exspecting his baby which she lost, he is now living with her at her mums house. We have not spoken much due to that he was forbidden to speak to me, and he only did when she was not around. I have recently found out that I am in love with him he is the first person I think of when I wake up and the last, I can't seem to get him out of my head, and to make things worse when he was around his mums house and I was knocking for his sister who was not in at the time and his gilfriend a sleep down stairs rushed out to come to the shop with me, whilst we were down there he asked me weather I missed him and I said yes and he said the same saying he thinks of me all the time, then he gave me a huge hug, as we walked on he kissed me and I kissed him back, then we went home , later on that evening about 7.30 he knocked at my house and came on to me we done sum things apart from sex because I cldnt because of his girlfriend, since then it has all been a mess he tells me we are meant to be together and keeps trying it on with me, I don't no weather he means it because he tells me he is in love with his girlfriend, I love and miss him so much I want to believe that it is tru , the other night he came and saw me because it was my birthday and we started talking and he put his hand on his semi erection and I pilled away he also tried to undo my top, put I rejected him even though I wanted it, about half anhour of talking he askes if he can come up to my room and I excepted and all he wanted to do was get my breasts out, later on that night I met up with himagain and he told me he can't see me for long because he has things to do with his mate, and so he tried to undo my pants out on the street on a pair of stairs and said quickly comw with me to the grren gate all so that he could get some, I told him no and said you are treating me like I am some random person that you have just meet to get your kicks and he then appologised and went in to his mums house, and before he went he told me we should go out for a drink at the weekend, I also asked him again weather he loved his girlfriend and he said yes so I replied so how can you love her if you are cheating on her and he repluied it's only cheating if you love some one while loving another not if you love someone and lust the other, please help me I am so confussed about what to do I just need some one to set me in the right direction so that I don't get hurt I need to know what his intentions are and what he is thinking, I really want him back but I don't think he is the person I thought he was?? I just need some advice on what to do.:confused: :( :( :( :( :(