This summer I was hanging out with this guy (15 years old turning 16) and his girlfriend of 2 weeks (12) (my friend) and after a while they broke up( I have talked to my friend already she said she doesn't care, and she wishes he dies in the road anytime."But she says she's alright about me likeing him she has had like 7 boyfriends in a month after they broke up!! and he's had none...)

and now he goes to my class, he repeated a year, ( i am turning 14 soon) Now he goes to my class and every time i turn round he is looking at me, and i normaly go to the footall grounds to watch the boys play football and he has joined up and i go with my friend ( another one) and she says he is checking me out all the time. He phoned me up the pother day and said his mate liked me and put on a stupid voice saying it was his mate. And he came to talk to me and his mate said "ohh don't flirt with that girl" in a playfull voice and the boy turned red and walked off.

I was watching these guys playfight each other and the guy saw me watching and he joined the fight and beat the two and looked at me the whole time.

I don't know do you think he likes me?
If so how do I get him to tell me or what do I do?