Well, I'm turning 14, and I'm really confused. It's just everything I hear or see it's all about how when you get older life becomes difficult with a lot of responsabilities, a lot of problems etc. and also it's like I'm afraid of time as because of all this I fear of growing up :( . I also can't see any nice view of life, it's just you grow up, find someone to love, marry[maybe] get older and.. get on with life. And it keeps me afraid of thinking that this time of life will blow away as every happy moment does [and of course I will never be able to bring it back] and it seems as you get older life can't become as it used to be but become more difficult with problems increasing not decreasing. The real point I want to say is: I'm afraid to grow up :confused: and when I remember how happy I was when I was younger it makes me more sad, and than I remember that I have to face life->which in my view all I can see is something new which I'll be afraid to live,
Thank you a lot for taking your time to read this, I appreciate if you can give me an advise or something