I am a 16 year old female, and I can't trust guys! My dad lied, cheated, abused us, and broke promises (I'm pretty sure that's where it started and everything else just added on)... The first time I decided to "date" someone I wasn't looking for sex, I just wanted someone I could be
close to and talk to about everything.. I don't really know
how to explain it, but I hope you get the picture. I dated one guy, after a couple days of "dating" (we hadn't done anything, just hung out) he wanted to have sex, I told him not now. He got mad. So that was done. And the same thing has happened over and over with every guy I meet, it's pretty heartbreaking. Now this weekend I met a guy... We were at a party and everyone decided to go to the bar, they said they could get me in, but I said no (I'm underage). I guess he overheard and said he'd stay behind with me, all I could think was "great (sarcastically), he wants to be alone". Everyone said he was a good guy and it would be fine. So I stayed back at the house with him. We started talking and such, and he put his arm around me, I thought he was going to make a "move", but he didn't.. Then everyone came back to the house and we went to
a different house, and the rest of the night random guys were hitting on me and he saw so he came and sat beside me and held my hand and we talked more.. He asked if I had a boyfriend and I said no. Then we continued talking... At the end of the night he walked me to the door and I kissed him. He texted me this morning and asked me to go over to there house, and since I know almost everyone who lives there I thought why not, I could just go hang out with everyone else if I wanted to. He hadn't slept all night because we were at the party until 6am and it was only 10am. So when I got there we laid on the couch together and talked. Everyone had woken up and came downstairs and it was really loud (they had the music blaring) and I had a headache, so he said let's go upstairs.. I knew my one friend was in the room next to his so if I needed her she'd hear me, so I agreed and went upstairs. I assumed he'd try something and then get mad when I turned him down. But we got into bed cuddled, kissed, and then went to sleep...

Now, I really don't know what to do, I haven't known him long at all, but he seems like a good guy, he is one of the only guys who has not tried something, he had all the chances, but he didn't. I'm scared to get to know him from my past expierences, but he seems different.

What would you do? (I know it seems weird posting on here, but I'd like some opinions, both male and female!)

I know I'm 16, and a lot of people still think it's to young. But I don't want a realationship just for sex (and I'm not going to have
sex with someone because they want it!), so please don't comment about age!