Hi! I have just turned 16 and I am dating a 13 year old, and I was wondering if that is "OK". We are both virgins, and we DO both love each other very much. WE both know our limits when it comes to the relationship, niether one of us would go further than the other would want to at anything. Yes I have just turned 16, and yes lot of guys that age aren't in it for love, but I can say that I am. I am not going to say.. ohh I don't want sex, for any guy would like that, but I know the limits. You might think she is immature, but she is not. We like to play around and stuff like that but at the same time we can still be serious and have normal conversations and what not without it getting "silly". Of course, I am more or less afraid of what her parents will think about it. My first thought is they may not like the whole idea, but maybe if we explain all this to them they won't have a problem.
Please help me out on this one! Thanks!