I am a 22 year old male working in the IT industry for a outsourcing company. I have a nice working environment and the pay is not bad at all considering my age. I'm in a situation where my boss is currently paying for my exam fees which is great seeing as I do all the studying myself out of text books. As you can see this is an ideal situation as I am unfortunately forced to provide for myself financial without any support from family.

I have my MCSE 2003, almost done with Exchange 2007 (which I love) enterprise messaging administrator. Did a few other boring MS exams here and there but nothing major. The problem that I am having is the following: I'm getting bored. I have basically mastered exchange 2007 and I am out of ideas on what technology I can master next that will benefit my career in a big way. We mostly do Microsoft stuff where I work so I guess that I have to stick to the theme if I expect my boss to pay for it. Any ideas?