These are some interview questions that I may be given at a Catholic school interview. Can you help?

In what ways are you a visionary?
Describe your relationship to the church?
Wot is role of the church in 21st C?
How would you lead this area? Wot critical issues can you forsee?
Wot d’u consider to be your greatest contribution to school?
Wots your und’ of what our school stands for and how it fits with your personal educational philosophy?
How would you teach RE in a catholic church?
Wot would be distinctive about your classroom? How would I know it was yours?
Wot would be your most imp task as …?
How would you describe your relationship to the Catholic Church?
How do you provide for your own spiritual growth?
How would you foster and strengthen the spiritual growth of this school and its Catholic identity?
What is the role of discipline in a Catholic school.
Tell us about a difficult discipline situation you have dealt with.
What are the most important ways that you will help the teachers? How do you bring out excellence in others? (How do you deal with mediocrity)?
How would you approach staff morale?
What do you consider to be the characteristics of an excellent teacher?
How would you score yourself as a teacher given your standards?
Are there any recent professional articles, books, or conferences have you
Encountered lately that have affected your practice?
How do you solicit and process evaluation of your performance?
What should the ideal be? How would you go about attaining that ideal?
In what ways can the school help fulfill the parents’ role as primary educators,
Especially in matters of faith?
Given your sense of this school up to this point, what do you think you will need to succeed as... in our School?
What are your personal and professional goals in the next 5 and 10 years?
Do You have any questions for us?
Are there any final comments regarding your pursuit of this position that you
Would like to share with us?