My name is Emily , I'm 18 and I live in France for the past 8 years.

My dream is becoming an Engmish Teacher in France. BUT here is the hard part that I need help with please :

I have 2 choices I can either stay here in France and carry on university and all the necissary training which will take around 8 years to do... University is 2 years , another 2 Years to get a licence , 2 years after that for a masters then the last 2 years in a teacher training school , where one year you train and the last year your in a school before you can be let free . To get to university though I'll have to pay it all myself and getting a job around here is not the easiest things to do at all , To do that I have to have a Gap year , which I have just started seeing that school is officially closed for the summer from today...

My othr option which I have is to go back to england... That"s th eone thing I don't know what to do next , From what I have read , t becomean English teacher I need to have a GCSE in Science , English and Maths , Or an Equilivant , which in France is "Le Brevet des colleges" which I got BUT the only 3 subjects there was , was French , Maths ad History and Geography ... No Science or English , Would I have to Pass the GSCE in England or would the diploma I already have be accepted ? ... Seeing that in English we only see the things tht an English student sees in Primary school and nothing to do with Macbeth or simallar.

I have just past my "Baccaulearéat professionnel sécretariat"... The equivalent of A leval is a Baccaulaureat BUT I don't know yet if that's a Baccaulaureat Generale or Professionnel .

From here finishing A levals , If I was in England hat do I need to do now , to become a Teacher ?

Thank you for answering

Emily xx