My husband is a full time CA resident. He works and his income is only from CA.

I  am a full-time Florida resident since 2007 and work and got my income only from Florida. Our kids living with me in Fl. We bought a hose in Florida and it is under his name.

We can file federal taxes jointly. But what do we do for state taxes? We both claim our residences in different states. Florida doesn't have State taxes   If we file taxes jointly/separately in both states, the income reported on line 37 in 1040 (which happens to be combined income since we want to file federal jointly) is required by the states (which considerably increases the tax even though the other person did not receive any income in one state). 

1. How  do we file Ca taxes? Did he needs to pay taxes for my Florida income?

2. It will be better to file separately? What are the advantage? Are his expenses deductible?

Any advice will be welcome