Ok, I'm in a weird position. I have a W2 where the amounts shown in box 16 and 18, State and City Taxes respectively for New York State and New York City are not showing the right amounts. I can tell that the numbers are too low. I am a part resident in the state and city of New York - I moved here from Florida.

After doing some investigation, the discrepancy is because of the fact that the COO at the time did not file my address change promptly with our 3rd party payroll company, Gevity. Because of this I have a portion of my wages that was not taxed by NY state income tax rates nor was it taxed by NY City rates.

I am just now learning this. What do I do? I do not have the capability right now to pay the taxes that I will probably owe. I gave my employer all the needed information to make these changes in a timely manner. And *I think* there is some liability with my company as far as that goes. That they were responsible for doing this and ones is on them given the fact they had the necessary information from me.

Am I justified in going off the numbers that are on my W2? Do I have a legal footing on which to stand so that I can go off those numbers? The controller in a way was trying to hint to me (saying he's not an attorney) that the company was liable to do the taxes right and that I would probably be OK going off the numbers on my W2. I need help. Thanks.