First of all, kudos to everybody answering questions in this forum. It is great to get such quality advice for free.

Here my question: I am a German national working here in the US (green card application currently filed). Me and my fiancé are thinking about moving to Germany eventually (if we move, not until in a couple of years).

I was looking at opening at Roth IRA for 2007, since the future withdrawals will be tax-free, compared to the 401k I already have. However, what would happen if I move back to Germany, get old and retire? Could Germany tax my retirement income out of my Roth IRA, although it is supposed to be tax-free in the US? In this case, I guess I'd better stick with a 401k.

I hope somebody can help me with this question. I know that nobody has a little crystal ball and can look into the future, but it would already be good if somebody would know how this work nowadays.

Thanks in advance!