Hi ,

I was on F1 till the end of my MS(20th MAy, 2007) after which I got an Academic H1b from the next day. I did not have an OPT. So, I was partly on F1(from JAn-MAy20, 2007) and on H1 afterwards till the end of 2007 without OPT.

Do you guys know how's and what's of the taxes I should file.
I came as a student(f1) in Aug 2004 and therefore haven't completed my 5years total yet (I know there is some 5 yr limit after which you can/cannot file in a certain category, I am not sure though).
All my past years(2004-2005-2006), I have filed 8843, 1040NREZ and CA540NR(for state).

Can anyone help how can I take care of the part year F1, part H1? And does not having OPT matter? And can I claim the tax rebate the IRS is giving out this year?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Deep :confused: