I had filed 1040 as Married Filing Jointly along with a W-7 ITIN application for my wife. I received a notice today from IRS saying that they have rejected the application. The reason given is: The supporting documentation is expired. IRS has also advised me to file a new W-7 along with a copy of the tax return, with the word "copy" written in the top margin of the tax return.

I had sent my wife's Original US driver license and Original Indian Voter's ID card, which is equivalent to a National ID card. While the US driver license had an expiration date, the Voter's ID card had no expiration date so I assumed that I could send it. However, apparently IRS has not accepted it. IRS has not sent me back these originals and I will try to follow up with them regarding this.

I am now confused regarding the status of my 1040 form. I would greatly appreciate if someone here could help me.

1. How is IRS going to handle my 1040 tax return from this point onwards? Is it going to wait until I send the new W-7 or is it going to process the tax return as is?
2. I might not be able to get the supporting documentation for W-7 ready by October 15th, which is the deadline for filing. What will happen if I am only able to send the new W-7 after Oct 15th?