I have been used F1 for 7 years, and then transferred to H1-b for academic for 4 years. I filed my tax with 1040 form since 2000. My H1-b was changed from academic to industry last year on October and I don't have working permission in states from Jan to Sep in 2008. I went back to my country and work for the company as a contractor for two months with 30% federal tax withholding from the paycheck . I start ed work on Oct, 2008 with H1-b in the company. I already filed my W-2 form with 1040, and just received 1042-S form on Apr 24, which I didn't file it earlier. Do I need to file the 1042-s income to my 1040 form? If I do, where do I put the income and withholding federal tax? Do I need to refile the state tax? Also, will I been charged for the plenty for passing the deadline?
Appreciate your help
Cathy Lin