My husband and I (both US citizens) moved to the UK in Aug 2009 so that he could take a job.

When we moved out of our old house, we stayed in a US hotel for 9 days before our flight to the UK.

When we arrived in the UK, we stayed in a UK hotel for 2 weeks while looking for an apartment.

We also rented a car for 2 weeks in the UK until we were able to purchase our own.

I have a few questions related to Form 3903, Moving Expenses:

1. Is our 9-day US hotel stay deductible?

2. Is our 2-week UK hotel stay deductible?

3. Is our 2-week car rental deductible?

4. Are the fees we paid for our visas deductible?

We were NOT reimbursed for any of these expenses by my husband's employer.

If anyone could provide some guidance, I'd be so grateful! Thanks!