I came to US on 31st Aug 2006 on H1B Visa. After that I got my SSN.
My Dependent Wife landed in US on 7th Oct 2006 on H4 Visa. Yet I have not applied for her ITIN Number and she is not eligible for SSN.

For the year 2006,
1) How should I file my IT Returns, as a Single or Married filing Jointly or any other type which will help me getting best possible returns? :confused:

2) On one TAX Site, I read that if I am not completing 182 days is US, I am not liable for any tax. How it affects in my case in getting the returns ? :mad:
If I should file the returns for Year 2006, should I wait till I and my Wife complete 182 days stay and then file the returns?

3) I checked in the IRS dept for ITIN Number of my wife. They informed me that I need to file W-7 along with Passport copies with my Returns. Is it OK ? Or Do I have to do anything else from My end?

4) In my 4 Months stay in US I earned around $ 20,000. Considering all above cases, when should I file my returns to get maximum possible deduction? What will be my aprroximate returns?

Please help me.