I live in NYC and work in Jersey. This year my employer
Gave me several copies of W2's (which, by the way, are not W2-C's): one for federal, whose state information is blank; one for NY, whose state wages approximately match
The federal wages, but not exactly (because, I guess, of 401K issues); and one for NJ, whose state wages exactly match the federal wages.

When entering the info into TaxCut, I listed the copies together as one W2,
And listed each state's wages on the same line as the name of the state,
In the line-15 entry in TaxCut. You guessed it: TaxCut adds the two amounts
Together, approximately doubling my income. Since they're for the same income, there's
No way TaxCut should be adding them together.

My uncle the CPA suggests overriding the numbers on the form. I'd rather not,
And I didn't buy TaxCut so I can fill out the forms myself. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!