I have been on H1 for several years now. I got married in 2007 and my wife was on F1 before marriage. She is on H4 now.

My wife had received scholarship and hence she has 1042-S from the university. We are trying to file jointly. Since I am a resident for tax purposes, I have to file 1040.

My question is how should I report the information on 1042-S on 1040. 1042-S has:
1. Gross Income
2. Withholding allowances
3. Net income (Gross Income - Withholding allowances)
4. Federal tax withheld

I was thinking of reporting the income on line 21 of 1040, "Other Income" and include the "Federal Tax withheld" on line 64, along with tax withheld in W2.

Please suggest if this is correct. If it is right, what do I report on 21. Do I have to report "Gross Income" on 1042-S or "Net Income"?

Can someone please help me with this.