Hi I moved from F1, then was on OPT and finally on H1.

I have figured out that I am a non-resident alien for tax purposes.

But there is very little instruction for filling Form 8843.

Q1) Since I was a student on F1 and then was on OPT, should I fill both the Trainee part as well as the student part?

Q2) Also on line 7 as well as line 12 it says, "If the type of visa you held during any
of these years changed, attach a statement showing the new visa type and the dat e it was acquired"

My visa changed to H1 at the end of last year i.e; 2006 which is not listed among the 2000 to 2005 years there.

Is that asking for information on status change at any time or within 2000 to 2005? This legalese is making go mad.