Hi, I'm applying for foreign tax credit on taxes I've paid / accrued on interest earned in savings accounts and certificate deposits in New Zealand. For cds, the bank statements don't give precise dates for when taxes were withheld. And so I have several questions relating to form 1116, Part II:

1) When filling out form 1116, should I list that the credit is claimed for taxes paid or taxes accrued?

2) What should I fill in for the date (line A , column o)? All the taxes paid on the interest earned in 2006 are definitely paid by the end of 2006, though they are multiple small amounts throughout the year.

3) Since I don't have access to all of the exact dates when taxes were withheld / paid, can I use the average exchange rate for 2006 as provided by the Federal Reserve Board? Form 1116 only allows the use of the average exchange rate for taxes accrued (not taxes paid), but I don't have all the dates available.

Thanks in advance for answers to this!