Hi, I know I have asked a few questions and gone to site but I am still confused. I don't mean to be a pain but I am going to try and explain what I have. I am used to using the Tax-Act program every year & Tax -Act will not support my situation.
OK My husband worked in Florida for the past 10 years where it was very easy to file just federal return. We still live in Florida but he now works and drives to his job in Georgia which Georgia has State tax taken out. I understand that I have to file a non-resident for Georgia on the state tax.
He will get a w-2 for Florida & a w-2 for Georgia. Can you tell me what program I can purchase that will support what I have to do to file and what is the steps I need to take to do this all right.
Do I file Florida & Georgia together for federal and then file Georgia state tax separate?
Can I used on my federal return a credit for paying state tax to Georgia?