I am an international student, and last year I won a scholarship offered by a national newspaper. I received Form 1099-MISC from this newspaper, and the amount of my scholarship appears in Box 3 of this form.

Also, I received Form 1098-T from an organization which gave me a scholarship to attend a summer program in Washington DC. The amount of this scholarship appears in Box 5 of this form.

In the past I have always used form 1040NR EZ to file my taxes, but this year I do not know which form I should use because I have received the aforementioned scholarships.

Should I still use form 1040NR EZ and report all of my scholarship money in line 5, or should I use a different form?

Some important points:

All of the money I received was used for tuition.
I am not from a country that has a tax treaty with the US.

I would appreciate any help. Thanks!