Ok so I know that we have to wait until we get our W2's before filing our taxes this year, so using your last paycheck stub does not work. So I thought I would search and find out if I could view my W2 online and get a copy instead of waiting for my employer to mail it. If you knew my employer then you would know that to trust them to send something out even though it's required by law, they will wait until the very last minute to send them out. Problem is I can't find the EIN (employer identification number) anywhere. I even went the US securities site and the EIN that I was supplied does not exist. Does anyone have any idea on where to look? I don't know if the company sectary accidentally gave me the wrong number or if she just really doesn't know and is just issuing out anything just so she looks like she knows what she's talking about... please if you have any ideas on where else I can look let me know... Thanks