Thanks for your help and Suggestions provided. I filed my tax returns for 2005 in Oct 2006. I had filed 1040EZ choosing "First Year Election". I did file in Oct 2006 to qualify for First Year Option, Married filing jointly. Today I got the refund credited to my bank account which is "Federal Income Tax Withheld" and EIC part is not credited!! In my W2 it says $266 as EIC. I had entered this in my form 1040EZ.

My wife is house wife and with the 2005 tax returns we have applied for her ITIN and she got the ITIN number assigned.

When I check the IRS website Refund Status, it says they have not paid the EIC and in the note it says "If you and your spouse are not eligible to obtain Social Security Numbers, you cannot claim the Earned Income Credit." Is ITIN for my wife is not valid for EIC refund ?

Also the note says I will receive a Notice with details. Should I take any action or reply to this ?

Let me know if I am missing something. Is there any way I can get this EIC $266 ?