Hi Tax Experts,

I hope you can enlighten me. I just got here last October 29 as an immigrant. I have a foreign income from January to October, before I became a green card holder.

Foreign Income: $40,000
Tax Withheld: $10,000

Resident of US:
Salary income: $2,500

I passed the green card test so my residency starts on the day I entered US (October 29, 2018). But I did not pass the substantial presence test (~80 days). As per my understanding, my option is to file as a dual-status alien. I would not need to file 1040NR as I do not have a US income before I became a resident. However, I cannot use standard deduction as per IRS restrictions. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Do I also have an option to file as resident alien for the entire year (including my worldwide income)? My US income tax would be reduced with the Foreign Income Tax Credit for taxes paid on my foreign income, in this case, right?

As per IRS,
"If you receive your green card abroad, then the residency starting date is your
first day of physical presence in the United States after you receive your
green card. You may elect to be treated as a resident alien for the entire
calendar year if you were a lawful permanent resident of the United States at
any time during the calendar year."

Am I eligible based on this guideline? And would it be better for me to file as resident alien for the whole year or file as a dual-status alien?

Thank you for your help.