Last year I worked for a company in Texas for 3 months.
Due to a clerical error, the payroll in my company had an incorrect (New Jersey) address on file.

Due to this, on my first paycheck I was accidentally deducted NJ state tax.
Following this error, I corrected it immediately and it never happened again

My question is, do I need to file NJ state tax returns because of this.
On the single paycheck the NJ state wages was $1800 and NJ State tax was $26

My gross income for the year was in excess of $10,000 but none of this was from New Jersey sources.

On the NJ state taxation website, they say that
"You must file a return and pay tax on the income you earned while you were a resident of the State if your filing status is single or married/CU partner, filing a separate return and your income for the entire year was more than $10,000"

In 2008 I was never resident of NJ and I never earned any income from NJ sources.

So do I need to file NJ tax returns?