I owe the IRS from the tax year 2013. I stopped working that year and became disabled. I recently won my disability claim and am owed almost two years of back pay (which is a substantial amount) I live in Florida and have been homeless for over a year awaiting my hearing. (I was denied twice) I haven't had any "gainful" employment and SSDI is my only source of income. I've had no bank accounts or no assets (up until now-a checking account for my direct deposit)
Can the IRS just levy my back pay without notifying me first? I'm willing to work out a payment plan with them, but even $100 a month would be difficult to uphold.
What should I do? Should I contact the IRS first or should I allow them to contact me. I haven't received any benefits yet, only a letter informing me that I received a "fully favorable" decision on my case from the judge. I'm still awaiting my award letter from SSDI. I just started receiving SSI benefits (different program) and I read on another thread that those funds are not able to be garnished or am I mistaken on the entire thing?