My husband and I have always claimed zero in order to get a large refund at the end of the year; but, now with two babies and my husband's income being cut in half, we need more money to be able to pay monthly bills. So, I am considering claiming all four of us instead of zero on our W2. I have two questions before I can decide what I should do for 2010: How can I calculate how much my husband's check would be if he claims 4 instead of zero? (he makes $50k and his net is $1,400 with nothing other than "must take outs" by government being taken out of his check; so no benefits or retirement plan, etc. as of now. So, he receives about 67% of his gross income biweekly; what would this percentage be if he claimed 4 instead of zero? Also, if only I keep claiming zero; would we still get some taxes back at the end of the year or should I also claim 4? I should probably claim zero also; but I am just so afraid of owing money back ? Thank you very much,in advance, for your help :)