I had one doubt before I call for clarification about it to my HR. The problem is in my w2 form box 16 which should contain income earned from NY state but it shows my total income i.e. it also includes the income which I earned in the state of Texas. If I am not wrong Box 16 should only contain the income earned in the state of NY and not the total income. Please advise me if I am wrong.
In short since I've earned income from two different states the value in Box1 and Box 16 should be different, am I right?

Thanking in advance,

PS: In my w2 form there is small note which is as follows:
New York requires total Federal wagesto be reported in Box 16 --does this statement mean that box 16 should also contain the 2005 income even though I didn't earn in NY state, because of this I get less refund from State tax.