|| Sarvam Krishna Arpanam ||


I am on a H1B Visa. I have a question about 401k.

I do not intend to stay for long in the US. However, my employer matches 100% of my contribution to 401k (upto 10% of my salary).

I will be here for 3 years and contribute 4K per year thereby making a contribution of 12K in three years. My employer will also contribute 12K in these 3 years. At the end of three years,

1) Will I be able to take my money back while leaving for my home country?

2) How much money will I get back? I do know that it will depend on the performance how my contribution is invested. Assuming a scenario that there is no loss or gain, how much of that 24K will I be able to take back to my home country?

3) What happens if I don't withdraw this money while leaving the country? Can I get this money by staying in my home country at my retirement age?

Any help will be greatly appreciated